Cedar Island, Lebanon: Learning from Dubai?

In my earlier posting “Hotel Barcelona”  I mention a coastal high-rise hotel that resembles the Burj al Arab Hotel in Dubai.

Well, here’s a Lebanese Cedar artificial island project inspired by Dubai’s Palms. I guess this is one way to make use of the tons and tons of rubble resulting from the disastrous Israeli bombardment of Lebanon two years ago.

Which raises the question: what sort of tree-island might eventually result from the recent–and seemingly ongoing–bombardment of Gaza? An Olive tree? No, somehow I don’t think so. Just one more reason (out of thousands that are much more important) the Israeli governent’s insanity must cease.

(Thanks to the lovely Darine Choueri for forwarding the image)

About Rafael Gomez-Moriana

Architect, educator and writer. Partner at ArqEstructura. Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Calgary. Blogger at criticalista.com.

One comment

  1. JHF

    Looks eerily like a mushroom cloud, an image I’m sure they’re not quick to associate with.-James

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