How Much Does Your Conscience Weigh, Mr. Koolhaas?

Screen capture of BBC report

Mr. Koolhaas, you designed a daring and ambitious building for CCTV, China’s state-controlled television broadcaster. But it is from this building that supposed “confessions” by imprisoned Chinese journalists are being broadcast these days. What do you make of that? Would you say your design is performing as well as initially hoped (and hyped)? Are you still optimistic that the “chain of interdependence” built into CCTV’s architecture will, as you wrote, “[promote] solidarity rather than isolation, collaboration instead of opposition”*?

*OMA/Rem Koolhaas: Content (Köln: Taschen, 2004) p. 489


  1. An engaging portrait of a visionary man, which takes us to the heart of his ideas. The filmmakers have made a visually inventive thought provoking portrait of the architect, prompting Rem Koolhaas to state “it’s the only film about me that I have liked.”

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