Groupies: A Mark Magazine project at the Venice Architecture Biennale

Bauhaus Groupie
Image courtesy

We’ve all heard of ‘selfies’, perhaps even taken a few ourselves. So why not ‘groupies’?

During the opening of the Venice Architecture Biennale, Mark Magazine collaborators Rafael Gomez-Moriana and Sergio Pirrone will be casually interviewing and photographing Biennale attendees in groups, whether it’s architects and their entourage in the Giardini, impromptu conversation circles at cocktail parties, or groups of architourists in the city. During each Groupie Session, a single provocative question will be thrown to participants and the ensuing reaction photographed (as well as audio-recorded for transcription purposes) for possible inclusion in an upcoming issue of Mark Magazine.

Group photos betray our real social networks. Normally commemorating an extraordinary collective achievement or special occasion of some sort, group photos are historical markers laden with cultural significance. With this project, we hope to capture architecture’s group dynamics, team spirits, collective antics, social networks and political allegiances.

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  1. Enhorabuena, Rafael. Esperamos que sean un éxito esos diálogos, y que los podamos ver pronto en tu blog.

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