Trees in the Air

What is the point of suspending trees in the air? They grow much better on the ground, where they also happen to be much more useful for providing humans and animals with shade. But no, that would just be too common, too normal. Can’t have that. No, greenery must be spectacular, and that means suspending trees in the air, requiring a structural apparatus whose CO2 emissions the greenery it is designed to support will never offset in its lifetime. Never mind that the steel planters out which they grow are covered with papier maché, Disneyland style, to simulate rocks. Such endearingly authentic fakery is the least worrisome aspect of this project. Meanwhile, the plaza in front is completely treeless.

Construction of green wall (image courtesy Twitter @arqcritic).
Green wall with suspended trees facing a treeless plaza.
Steel tree planter awaiting simulated rock covering.

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