Making Bullshit Mountains out of Buildings

If architecture is landscape, buildings are mountains.” 

-Vicente Guallart, chief architect of the city of Barcelona and general director of Urban Habitat, founder of Guallart Architects and of the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. Image courtesy Guallart Architects.

About Rafael Gomez-Moriana

I am an architect, writer and educator. chronicles my architectural making, writing, teaching and curating activity, while is an archive of my writings as well as a platform for venting personal rants and observations. I studied architecture at the University of Waterloo (Canada) and at the Berlage Institute (the Netherlands). I direct the University of Calgary’s architecture term-abroad program in Barcelona, and have previously taught in the Metropolis Masters Program in Architecture and Urban Culture, CIEE Architecture and Design program, as well as at Carleton University and the University of Manitoba.


  1. Where to get all that shit??No, serious, there are a lot of buildings here already they only have to paint brown and they fall in the catagory. :/

  2. Anonymous

    Note the bullshit islands Guay-art proposes along with the bullshit mountains. Dunno what's worse: his or Morvan's.

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